1. Only guests who check in properly, submit their valid identitydocuments (identity card, passport), sign a hotel ID card and provide a guarantee in theform of advance payment in cash or card preauthorization in the respective amount may beaccommodated at our hotel, provided that no reason for refusing to provide the Hotelservices exists, as specified in Article 16 below. Determination of a guest’s eligibility isat the Hotel’s sole discretion. If a guest fails to submit his/her valid identity document,the Hotel may refuse to accommodate such guest, in accordance with the Act on Local Fees forCzech Nationals and Act No. 314/2015 for foreign clients.
  2. Whenever a guest who has already checked in enters the hotel,he/she may be required to present a valid hotel ID card provided to him/her uponcheck-in.
  3. For accommodation and related services, the guests will beobliged to make a payment based on the Hotel’s current price list upon arrival, or they maybe invited to make an advance payment before arrival.
  4. Cancelation terms: Each individual booking includesindividually determined cancelation terms. Cancelation fee or late cancelation fee ischarged based on the cancelation terms applicable to the particular booking.
  5. In special cases, the Hotel may offer the guest accommodationdifferent from that agreed previously, provided that such accommodation does not differsignificantly, in its basic parameters (hotel room equipment), from the guest’s orderconfirmed by the Hotel.
  6. If the guest wishes to extend his/her stay at the hotel, theHotel may offer him/her a room other than that in which the guest originally stayed.
  7. If the guest has ordered a single room and received animmediate confirmation of his/her order, the Hotel will charge him/her the price of a singleroom even if the guest actually stays in a double/triple room or an apartment.
  8. The Hotel is not liable for losses or damages of any itemsbrought to the hotel by the guest, which have not been deposited in hotel vault. The Hotelis not responsible for any other items deposited or forgotten elsewhere. Money and othervaluable things must be placed in the vault in the guest’s room. If, however, the value ofsuch valuable things exceeds USD 3,000, they must be deposited in the hotel vault. If theguest fails to deposit valuable things exceeding the value of USD 3,000 in hotel vault, theHotel will not be liable for any losses or damages to such valuable things. The Hotel isliable for jewellery, money and other valuable things only if they were deposited in hotelvault, or accepted by the Hotel in custody or damaged by actions of hotel employees.Personal vaults are built in the rooms. The Hotel is not liable for things deposited in suchroom vault or guest’s own personal safe. Vault operating instructions are inside each vault.
  9. The guest may use his/her room for a period agreed previouslywith the Hotel. If no period has previously been agreed, the guest will be obliged to vacatehis/her room and check out on or before 12 a.m. on the last day of his/her stay at thehotel. If the guest fails to do so, the Hotel may charge the guest accommodation for anotherday.
  10. Based on a confirmed order, the Hotel is obliged to accommodatethe guest from 15 p.m. to 12 p.m. The room will be booked for this period for the guest,unless provided otherwise in the order. Any requests for accommodation before 12 a.m. mustbe agreed upon with the Hotel in advance and wait for the Hotel confirmation. Guests whowish to be accommodated before 14 a.m. will also pay the price of accommodation for theprevious night if their rooms could not have been occupied in the previous night because ofthat request.
  11. Without prior consent of the Hotel, the guests are not allowedto move furniture, adjust or otherwise tamper with the electrical or any other installationseither in their rooms or in the common rooms of the Hotel.
  12. The guests are not allowed to smoke in the rooms or commonareas of the Hotel, except for the areas expressly reserved for smoking. In the case ofbreach of this obligation, the Hotel may charge the guest a penalty in the amount of CZK3,000.
  13. The client is obliged to inform the reception regarding the change of the room number amongthe passengers in the group. In the event of a breach of this obligation, the hotel isentitled to charge the guest a penalty in the amountof 500 Euros.
  14. In the hotel and in their rooms in particular, the guests arenot allowed to use their own electrical appliances and devices, except for those used forthe guest’s personal hygiene, such as shavers and massage appliances.
  15. Whenever leaving their rooms, the guests must close the watertaps, close the door, turn off the lights in the room and return access cards for access tothe Hotel room or other premises in the Hotel upon check-out,
  16. For the sake of safety, children under 10 years of age are notallowed to be left unsupervised by an adult either in a room or in other hotel rooms. Forany damages caused by children in the Hotel, their legal guardians shall be liable.
  17. For the sake of safety, the Hotel also reserves the right torefuse to accommodate, immediately terminate accommodation of, refuse to attend to, orprohibit from staying at the hotel, any persons who do not comply with the standard of aninternationally appreciatedfour-star hotel due to their appearance, behaviour, or conduct.The same also applies to persons who:
    • behave in a manner that causes unreasonable disturbance to or outrage among theother guests;
    • use or distribute addictive or psychotropic substances;
    • are under the influence of alcohol or toxic substances;
    • hawk or otherwise sell products or services without prior consent of the Hotel;
    • pester or harass other guests by gestures, making direct sexual propositions, orotherwise offer sexual services;
    • use the common rooms of the Hotel for a purpose other than that for which they aredesigned.
  18. Dogs and other animals may be accommodated at the Hotelprovided that the owners prove their perfect health condition. For the Hotel approvedaccommodation of an animal, the Hotel may charge an additional fee based on the currentprice list. Animals may not be left unsupervised in a hotel room. Animals may not lie onbeds or other furniture designated for the guests’ repose. Animals may walk in public areasof the Hotel only ifwearing a muzzle and if accompanied by their owner (or by a personaccompanying the animal).
  19. The guests are required to be quiet during night time hoursfrom 10 p.m. until 7 a.m.
  20. The guests will be liable for loss of or damage to the Hotel’sproperty according to the generally applicable legal regulations. The guests must pay forany damages caused by them, unless they prove they did not cause such damages. This claimapplies also to damages discovered after the guest’s departure.
  21. If during his/her stay, the guest has any reasonable wishes orcomplaints, he/she may address the respective hotel employees who will make every effort tocomply with the guest’s wishes.
  22. Use of the Hotel parking lot by a checked-in guest is subjectto a fee based on the current price list. The Hotel does not operate a guarded parking lotand it will not be liable for any damages to the guest’s car.
  23. The guests will pay prices for accommodation during check-in,for the whole stay. For other services, the guests will pay during or at the end of theirstay at the Hotel. The guests may be required to pay the amount outstanding anytime duringtheir stay at the Hotel. The bills will become due and payable as soon as presented to theguest. Hotel has the right to obtain guarantee in the amount of 50 euros/1 night for otherservices, upon booking of the accommodation and related services, or any time after theguest’s check-in to the Hotel. The Hotel will submit final account of accommodation andservices received by the guest at the guest’s check-out from the Hotel..
  24. For the sake of safety, visitors are only allowed to stay inthe Hotel rooms from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. Every visitor must sign in at the reception desk.If a visitor does not leave the room on or before 10 p.m., the guest will be chargedaccommodation of an additional person in the room.
  25. The hotel rooms are not equipped with audio-visual and audiodevices. Guests are forbidden to use their own audio-visual or audio devices in the guest’srooms, in the combination of already installed audio-visual electric devices owned by hotel.
  26. The hotel is entitled to decide to place an audio-visual or anaudio device in the conference rooms and public areas, provided that such device will onlybe used for the guest’s/ organizer’spersonal needs. When applying for an audio-visual oran audio device, the guests/clients must notify the hotel if and whether they wish to usesuch device for other than personal needs. In such a case, it is the guest’s/organiser’sresponsibility to notify and receive the necessary consent from organizations representingthe copyright holders. Without prior consent of these organizations, the guests/ organisersare not allowed to use an audio-visual or an audio device in the hotel.
  27. The guests are required to adhere to these House Rules and theyare bound to familiarize themselves with them. In case of a breach, the Hotel management mayterminate the contract for the provision of the Hotel services before expiry of thecontract. Depending on the severity of the breach, the Hotel may also co-operate with theHotel security guards or the Police of the Czech Republic.
  28. These House Rules enter into force and effect as of 01.01.2018.
Review Pro
4.9 / 5
Pozitivní: Snídaně celkem dobrá, výběr dost rozmanitý. Personál vstřícný, hotel čistý. Parkování zdarma.
Romana , Czech Republic
Pozitivní: Snídaně, poloha, přístup ke covidové situaci snížením ceny, recepční.
Ivo , Czech Republic
Hodnotím reštauráciu v hoteli, ta bola úplne bezchybná, degustacne menu úžasné, personál ústretový a veľmi slušný. Celkovo krásny zážitok.
Martin Sermes
Positiv: Habe das Business Zimmer gebucht und ein kostenloses Upgrade zum Superior Zimmer erhalten. Meine Bewertung bezieht sich auf die nagelneu renovierten...
Martina , Germany
Hotel s puncem minulosti, komfortem současnosti, vynikající snídaní a milým a ochotným personálem
Alena Hellerová
Super miejsce. Fajna miejscówka szczególnie dla WARSZAWIAKÓW, miałam wrażenie, że nocuję w PKiN. Wygodny parking, dobre śniadania, blisko do tramwaju i...
Bernadeta Włoch-Nagórny
Nice stay, clean room, polite staff, good breakfast
Pozitivní: Pohodlné postele, klidny tichy pokoj s výhledem na dvůr. Žádný hluk z ulice. Bohatá snídaně, na výběr vše. Milý a veselý a hlavně ochotný...
Martina , Czech Republic
Great spot for an overnight when you have business in town. Central and they take care of everything you could possibly need.
Gabriel Aronson
Ein geschichtliches "Erlebnis": Ein von 1952 bis 1955 im stalinistischen Zuckerbäckerstil mit Unmengen Marmor errichtetes Hotel, für den der Kulturpalast in...
Michael , Deutschland