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The History of the Hotel International Prague originates in the middle of the last century. It is to those days that we credit our landmark property architecture, outstanding interiors and generosity of space. 

Today we are the team of dedicated talents carrying on traditions of hospitality. We provide a thoughtful assistance to our every guest to make sure you choose us as your home in Prague.

The Hotel International Prague is a place where genuine charm is perfectly preserved, and authentic generosity of style meets classic elegance. 

Central foyer of the hotel is decorated with natural stone, wood, Bohemian glass chandeliers, tapestry and stone inlay-work. 

Our visitor’s favourite attraction is an exclusive rooftop terrace that provides a panoramic view over the historical city centre.

Welcome to the Hotel International Prague, a home to tradition of hospitality!


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enjoy our



Czech Republic, Koulova 15, 16000 Praha 6

Tel.: +420 296 537 111

Fax: +420 296 537 266


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